Does My Parent Need Senior Care?

Older man standing in field

Most aging adults reach a point in their lives where a move to senior living is in their best interest, and oftentimes this necessity is noticed first by their children or families. The aging process is gradual and the changes that may necessitate such a major life transition may be difficult to notice. How can you be sure your parent or aging loved one has reached the point where they need senior care? Below are a few of the telltale signs. It is important to remember that the transition to senior living is a positive change in their life, not a negative one, provided you find the right option for them. You should not feel guilty about this realization as senior care can help them live this new chapter of life with dignity and fulfillment.

They require assistance with daily tasks
One of the most prevalent signs that an aging person would benefit from senior living is persistent difficulty with necessary daily tasks such as personal hygiene, eating, dressing or getting around. Take note if they have displayed difficulty in areas like these. Options like residential assisted living are staffed with well-trained aides who are equipped to provide reliable help for these tasks in a way that feels natural and dignified.

They exhibit difficulty with finances
Aging can affect memory and organizational skills which can affect quality of life. If you visit your parent’s home and notice an abundance of unpaid bills or late notices – or they have contacted you to assist with terminated services such as utilities, cable or the telephone, they may benefit from a more controlled environment. Finding an assisted living option with an all-inclusive pricing model can be especially helpful since there will be no additional financial factors for either the resident or their family to manage.

They can no longer maintain their home
Homeownership can be a demanding task for anyone and becomes increasingly so with advancing age. If you notice your parent’s home falling into disrepair, this may mean that they can no longer manage their current living situation. Not only should anyone live in an unkempt home, but a home that is not well maintained can also present safety issues. An assisted living situation would remove these demands from their life so they could stay safe and focus on enjoying life.

They miss or forget medical appointments
As people age and become more susceptible to medical issues and injury, medical appointments become increasingly critical. If they have been forgetting to schedule or attend important appointments, or they can no longer drive and struggle with the necessary transportation, they would likely benefit from an assisted living situation that could either help them make their appointments or provide medical assistance on site. Ensuring adequate medical attention helps to create peace of mind for both you and your parent.

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