Heartfelt Leadership

Patient-Focused IVIG Therapy – From an IVIG Patient

Why does Heartfelt Care focus so strongly on the care aspect of our services? Because we learned how important it is firsthand.

Heartfelt Care was founded by an experienced IVIG nurse and a long-term IVIG patient. As a patient himself, Heartfelt founder Derek Robbins had directly experienced the consequences of mediocre IVIG care—substandard training, antiquated equipment, outmoded practices. And just as damaging: The sense of being treated as “just another patient.”

As a seasoned IVIG nurse, Director of Nursing Tracy Shannon-Woelfel had seen the same problems during her extensive experience in the field, and the unfortunate outcome of care that was too rushed, too routine, and too impersonal.

Both Tracy and Derek realized that a new kind of patient-centered, patient-focused IV therapy was desperately needed – and both resolved to create it. The goal: To create a company comprised of true IVIG and IV therapy specialists, committed to unmatched excellence within this critical specialty. A company made up of compassionate, understanding people willing to take the time to listen, to answer questions, to help out with the “little extras” – and to be a friend.

The result: Heartfelt Care, a company relentlessly focused on the well being of each individual client. A company resolutely dedicated to putting patient comfort and patient needs first, and to fostering consistently outstanding care by building enduring patient-caregiver relationships.

Heartfelt Care is probably the only IVIG specialty provider whose CEO is also a company client – and the only company of its type whose senior executive can claim the unique firsthand perspective that the patient experience provides. That provides the insight needed to create an optimal patient experience, and drive improvements that make it better all the time.

Heartfelt Care Leadership Team

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Derek Robbins

Derek has been an IV therapy patient since 2009. His experience in receiving care of varying levels of quality led him to establish Heartfelt as a means of making first-class care broadly available. Derek has extensive experience in business management, and has served as a business portfolio/relationship manager and project manager. He holds a Bachelors degree from Michigan Technological University in Computer Systems Science.

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Tracy Shannon-Woelfel

Tracy is an experienced manager and Registered Nurse with 12 years of firsthand experience in IVIG therapy. In addition, she has 15 years of experience in labor and delivery. She holds a chemotherapy certification and is scheduled to receive her Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI) and Immunoglobulin Certified Nurse certification in the coming months.