Heartfelt People

It takes a lot more than just technical skill to deliver the best possible IVIG treatment. Heartfelt Care understands that.

When it comes down to it, it’s people that make the difference. People who not only know what they’re doing, but people who genuinely care for the people they serve – and who are willing to show it every day, and in some unexpected ways.

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Your IVIG therapist is someone you’ll be seeing regularly, and spending a good deal of time with. That person should know you well, understand your needs, care about how you feel, and do their very best to make the IV therapy experience as comfortable, pleasant, and successful as possible. You shouldn’t settle for anything less – and we never will.

We take great care to select nursing staff who are not only outstanding at what they do, but who are outstanding people as well. People you’ll like spending time with. People that you can come to for answers – and count on for help.

Our company and its principles are molded by the people who work here – an exceptional class of committed, caring professionals willing to invest the extra effort it takes to make your experience a positive one, and to make your life a little easier. We know the difference that real caring makes.

Let us introduce a few of our terrific team members. We’re sure you’ll think they’re just as outstanding as we do.

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Mary Richardson

I am an RN, with a BSN, and I am one of the many infusion nurses that call Heartfelt Care home. We come into your homes to do your infusion, and our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

I’ve been active in the healthcare field for nearly as long as I can remember. Before joining the Heartfelt Care team, I was employed at the University of Michigan for 20 years, first as a phlebotomist, then in the OR, and spent my final 10 years there employed in Neonatal ICU.

I went to Washtenaw Community College, and earned an Associate’s Degree in Nursing Transfer. From there I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science from the University of Michigan’s School of Nursing. I’ve been with Heartfelt since its inception, and I am very pleased to be a member of this team. I am the Assistant Director of Nursing and I enjoy the responsibilities that coincide with the title such as training new nurses in the finer points of IVIG infusion. After all at its core, nursing is really about teaching and caring.
I look forward to meeting you, and giving the finest care that I can deliver.

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Christine Bethel

I’ve been working in various aspects the medical field for over 23 years, and I have experience in the areas of gerontology, infectious disease, neurology, and immunology. For the past 13 years I have been working as a registered nurse, and I’m currently a pediatric nurse specializing in critically ill infants. I have been with Heartfelt Care for about a year, and I enjoy working in the home care setting. Getting to know my patients and their families has been a highly rewarding experience!

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Darlene Greer

I graduated in 1985 from nursing school, and since then I have experience mostly in general and surgical nursing, with additional experience in the pediatric department and the newborn nursery. I currently work in labor and delivery and also in the trauma emergency room, and I hold the title of Pediatric Champion for the hospital! I’ve also had to opportunity to work as a neonatal nurse for labor and delivery – including testing patients and doing ultrasounds. I have been doing infusions for the past 2.5 years and I thoroughly enjoy the role I play in my patients’ well being.

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Maggie Fry

I’m a registered nurse and have been working for Heartfelt Care since 2014. I work in the surgical department at Hillsdale Hospital, while also working to finish the BSN program through Spring Arbor University. I’m also married with two teenage children at home, a regular patron at church services and enjoy the outdoors when I can!

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Amber Vieder

I’m a registered nurse, graduating from Madonna University’s School of Nursing in 2011. For the past five years I have been employed as an RN in the Emergency Department at Botsford General Hospital (now Beaumont Farmington Hills). My time there has afforded me the opportunity to gain critical thinking skills and a broadened knowledge base so that I can troubleshoot any obstacles that may arise in the home infusion setting.

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Pam Whitehouse

I have been doing home infusions for Heartfelt Care since September 2014. I have been a nurse for 10 years and have been working at the University of Michigan Hospital as an oncology and bone marrow transplant nurse. I love the interaction with patients and the continuity in their care that my role at Heartfelt Care allows. Being an oncology nurse and doing home infusions has taught me the value of building a trusting relationship with patients. I am married and have two daughters that are 18 and 15.