Patient Experience

The Heartfelt Approach:
Total Care. Total Peace of Mind.

Heartfelt Care is devoted to providing care that is focused on your needs, comfort, and well being. It is our goal to make your IVIG experience as safe, comfortable, convenient, and effective as possible, and to make sure that at every stage you, your family, and all members of your care team are fully informed— and that you are empowered with the information you need to make decisions.

As our client, you can expect a first visit from a highly trained, specialized nurse who will ensure that we obtain the most complete, accurate information we can in order to provide you with the best possible treatment. A personal nurse will be assigned to you; in most cases, you will see this same nurse for all subsequent visits. This helps to ensure that you receive consistent, quality care from someone you have come to know and trust. It also ensures that we can come to anticipate your needs and wants, and optimize your treatment regimen for the greatest possible comfort and convenience.

Your personal nurse will be your first point of contact for your IVIG care. You’ll be able to call your nurse on their personal number whenever you need to, and you’ll be able to reach senior Heartfelt personnel whenever you feel you want to. It’s all part of making sure that you get the care, the training, and the information you need in order to live healthier and feel better.

People Make The Difference.

It’s not often talked about—but it’s important: The quality of the IVIG experience depends upon the people providing the care. That’s where Heartfelt Care nurses really shine.

We hire our RNs based upon experience, training, knowledge, and proficiency, of course. But we don’t just look at what they do; we look at the people they are. We want to make sure every nurse we send into the field is someone you’ll feel comfortable with. Someone you will like. Someone you can trust – and someone you will enjoy spending time with.

Your Heartfelt Nurse is someone who cares about you. You deserve nothing less. And we’ll provide nothing less.