Advantages of Heartfelt Residential Care vs. Traditional Assisted Living

The Heartfelt Difference

At Heartfelt Residential Care, we don’t merely offer an alternative to traditional big-box assisted living. We’ve created a vibrant community that enhances the quality of senior living. By removing the burdens of everyday stress and empowering residents to stay involved, we allow our residents to live a rich, full life – often allowing them to become more active than they’ve been in years.

Every resident in our facility has a voice. From choosing what time they wake in the morning to planning meals or selecting outings and activities, seniors at Heartfelt Residential Care maintain autonomy in a secure and supportive environment. With our one to three staff to patient ratio*, we are able to promise each patient personalized, timely, and attentive care.

By employing exceptional people, programs, and services, Heartfelt Residential Care offers an unmatched sense of security and quality of life to our residents. Their families, in turn, are able to enjoy true peace of mind knowing that their loved one is in an environment designed with their well-being, dignity, and safety in mind.

What You Can Expect

Genuine care and expert skill. As healthcare veterans, we understand the various needs and assistance seniors require as they age. We utilize the very best available resources to provide high-tech and state-of-the-art medical services administered by a highly-vetted, well-trained, extremely capable staff.

Care when you need it most. Our team members are in the home 24-hours a day. Our staff to patient ratio is less than half of the state requirements, with a one to six staff to resident ratio. What does this mean for a resident in our facility? It means never waiting around when you have a need. Even more so, it means the availability of rich and lasting relationships with staff members who genuinely care.

A balance of care and independence. Designed for seniors who value their independence but would benefit from assistance in daily life, Heartfelt Residential Care offers security and safety in an environment where residents can choose how they’d like to spend their time. Seniors never have to fear that every decision will be made for them. At Heartfelt Residential Care, residents participate in meal planning, make their own schedule, choose activities and outings, and are welcome to have friends and family visit at any time.

Flexibility. We recognize each individual has their own personal tastes. As such, we’ve designed our facility for flexibility. Residents enjoy an experience that’s individualized to them. Outings are planned but also optional. Furniture is available or you can supply your own. The comforts of home are all on hand (we offer a garden and a workshop) while the relief of assistance is also present.

Pricing. Every person deserves the benefit from peace of mind and security. We don’t like to “nickle and dime” our residents, we prefer to use “all-inclusive” rates that typically range from $3,500 to $5,500 depending on the level of care required.

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